PDX, Corvallis, Coos Bay up to 40% off non-stop, non-share, door-door to/from EUG.

Are you frustrated rideshare or delivery gig driver? Read this ASAP!!!

So you thought driving rideshare or delivery gig is a fancy job that can earn you a decent money? You were right about a year ago but no more.

When rideshare started operating in Eugene, Or in 2018, there were only a couple hundreds drivers. You earn a few hundreds or up to a thousand $$$$ a week. But too many drivers, too many competitions, too many pay cuts within the platform too fast too soon and your earning going downhill now that it's not even worth it anymore.

Over 1700+ rideshare drivers in Eugene, Or area early 2019 already, but that number is shrinking to 1300+ drivers now but still a lot of drives in this small town, too many competitions within same platform for small town like Eugene, Or.

You will be competing with only 10-20 drivers within same platform if you drive with Eugene Airport Taxi @ Eugene Airport.Which one is better? Competing with 1300+ drivers or 10-20 drivers within same platform?

You passed through Eugene Airport Taxi many times at Eugene Airport thinking we sit around do nothing, but little thing you know, our average Airport Taxi fares are $30 (including generous $3-$6 tips) or more with very frequent out of town fares to Corvallis, Cottage Grove, Roseburg, Coos Bay, etc.

Your average rideshare Airport Taxi fare payout is not even $15 right? What's even worse is those small fares in town, many riders are rude & demanding, very little or no tips, they put wrong pickup address on the app & think it's your fault & worse of all the payout $5, $6, $7 after spending 30 mins or more of your time, gas, wear & tear on your vehicle. Too much bones with little meat to eat for human. Feel like a dead end. Frustration, frustration, frustration!!!

You could have been a few thousands dollars richer if you drive with Eugene Airport Taxi full time a year ago. But it's not too late to start making more money with us.


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