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New driver to do lists

Some of to do lists for new drivers.

#1-Do Orientation or ride along with one of our drivers. The driver will explain you what are the Airport rules, how our company works including many apps (taxi meter, appointment, radio, driver/rider app) we are using.

#2-Apply for your PPV driver certificate @ Eugene City Permit Building. $65 fees & can take a few business days. 

✅Already have PPV certificate? Good, we will cover your driving record fees, you can get approved as soon as same business day & can start driving with us.

***For new driver, visit this link below, download, fill out and fax/email to the city. No need to print out or visit the city permit building until you get approved and get the certification. You can make payment online or over the phone.

***For renewal visit this link below and renew your PPV online.

#3-Get your 2-3 years DMV record. Let the DMV

 Fax to 


Eugene Airport Taxi 

Fax #

 (541) 600-2152

or have your DMV record PDF file already?

Email to EugeneAirportTaxi@gmail.com

#4-Already have merchant (square up, Paypal, etc,.) account to be able to accept card payment from your customers? If not, square up is one of the best payment processor in the market right now.

Process $1,000 without fees when you activate a Square account with my link. https://squareup.com/t/f_referrals/c_text/dt_ios?route=i/5416004090

#5-Download Zello Walkie-talkie app, sign up & join Eugene Airport Taxi channel.

#6-Download Cozi family organizer app for reservation. *Please do not sign up. Will add you & give you  Password when you start driving with us.

#7-Download & sign up our driver app EverTransit. We need to send you email invite before you do that.

#8-Download & sign up our customer app Eugene Airport Taxi so you know our customer experience about the app


-Make sure you use your personal phone # to sign up or link to your WhatsApp accounts. No use company phone #. I’m using company phone # on those account.

-I encourage all drivers sign up on WhatsApp to accommodate our customers who are from outside of the US & who doesn’t have North America Phone #.

-It’s free to sign up & free call to members on the same platform.

-I integrated WhatsApp on our website and it works, we have many WhatsApp calls/texts already.

-It will make a lot easier for you & your international customers to communicate.

-You can just link/forward to/from your existing US phone#

-You probably know it but WhatsApp is own by facebook & it’s end to end encryption!!!

Eugene Airport Taxi