Free orientation with Eugene Airport Taxi

*Orientation is any day of the week.

*Anytime between 10am to midnight hours.

*4-6 hours ride along with one of our drivers.

-We are offering free orientation for new people who are interested in driving taxi at Eugene Airport.
-Free lunch/dinner will be provided during the orientation.
-You will ride along with one of our drivers to see how you like it. No obligation to work with us.
-The best summer job ever to make $100+/day in Eugene!!!

This job maybe the right job for you if you like driving, freedom, flexibility, payment control and take home cash daily. Bigger fares ($25-$35) & tips ($3-$6) than driving rideshare/delivery gig and you don't need to use, put wear & tear on your own car. We provide taxi vehicle for you to drive. A lot better than driving any rideshare/delivery gig. That's why we all quit those jobs & driving taxi now at the Airport. Average take home is $100+/day after gas & lease depending on how hard you work!!!

*People like driving taxi for 2 main reasons. Freedom/flexible & payment control.
-Freedom/flexible, no one keep watching or micro manage you. Take a break whenever you want. Work as less or much as you want.
-Payment control, your customers pay directly to you card/cash. You have freedom to offer your customer a deal, discount, special rate, promotion, etc.

To get free orientation
-No need resume.
-23 years or older.
-Ride along with one of our drivers to see how you like it.
-We will provide free lunch & dinner during orientation.
-Will pick you up & drop you off or will pay your parking fee if you drive & park at the Eugene Airport.
-Will help you get your taxi permit. Loan you to get your PPV certificate.

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