PDX, Corvallis, Coos Bay up to 40% off non-stop, non-share, door-door to/from EUG.

Free orientation with Eugene Airport Taxi

***Already have PPV certificate? Can start driving as soon as same or next business day***

***For new driver, visit this link below, download, fill out and fax/email to the city. No need to print out or visit the city permit building until you get approved and get the certification. You can make payment online or over the phone.

***For renewal visit this link below and renew your PPV online.

-We are offering free orientation for new people who are interested in driving taxi at Eugene Airport.

-Free meal will be provided during the orientation, and we will cover your airport parking fee if you drive to Eugene Airport to meet with our drivers.

-You will ride along with one of our drivers to see how you like it. No obligation to work with us. We will even suggest to apply driving job with many other taxi companies for your advantages. We are very open minded company & totally fine with you working many other taxi, rideshare, gig at the same time.

-During the orientation, one of our drivers will show you how to work at the Airport, the Airport rules, show you many of the apps we are using driver app, customer app, radio/walkie talkie app, appointment app and more.

-The the most EZ job ever to make $100+/day in Eugene!!!

-You can work as much as you want within 24 hours.

-Only work noon-midnight if you are satisfied with $100/day take home. 

-Work a little more if you want more.

-This job maybe the right job for you if you like driving, freedom, flexibility, payment control and take home cash daily. Bigger fares ($25-$35) per trip & tips ($3-$6) than driving rideshare/delivery gig and you don't need to use, put wear & tear on your own car. We provide taxi vehicle for you to drive. A lot better than driving any rideshare/delivery gig. That's why we all quit those jobs & driving taxi now at the Airport. Average take home is $100+/day after gas & lease depending on how hard you work!!!

*People like driving taxi for 2 main reasons. Freedom/flexible & payment control.
-Freedom/flexible, no one keep watching or micro manage you. Take a break whenever you want. Work as less or as much as you want.
-Payment control, your customers pay directly to you card/cash. You have freedom to offer your customer a deal, discount, special rate, promotion, etc.

To get free orientation
-No need resume.
-23 years or older, at least 2 years or more driving experience.
-Any US states driver license (out of state driver license totally ok)
-Ride along with one of our drivers to see how you like it.
-We will provide free meal during orientation.
-Will pick you up & drop you off or will pay your parking fee if you drive & park at the Eugene Airport.
-Will help you get your taxi permit. Loan you to get your PPV certificate if need help.

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